El Sueño Existe - Victor Jara Festival : 25th August, London

Movimientos presents @ Rich Mix this Thursday 25th August : El Sueño Existe - Victor Jara Festival London extra! Live: Gerardo Osal (Venezuela) one of the top folk musicians direct from Venezuela + Special guests: Rompiendo Fronteras + Silvia Balducci + Film: 'Compañero' - about the life of legendary Chilean musician Victor Jara.

Entry: Advance £5 / Door £7
Doors: 7pm-12am
Venue: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA,
Tube: Liverpool Street, Bethnal Green
Train: Shoreditch
Tel: 020 7613 7498

joins forces with the Welsh based festival El Sueño Existe (held in Macylleneth, Wales) that celebrates the legendary Chilean musician Victor Jara. The night will feature a selection of some of the best acts from the festival, some of the best acts from the London Latin folk scene and very special guests from Latin America including Gerardo Osal from Venezuela one of the most celebrated folk musicians from the continent.

More info on the acts / film...
Gerado Osal
Gerardo Osal is a Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist and wandering troubadour. His principal instrument is the Venezuelan cuatro and he also plays the Cuban tres, guitar and charango. A highly versatile and warm hearted musician, he is as happy to play on the street or on a bus as he is to large audiences on stage. As well as original songs, Gerardo is an interpreter of the music of Venezuela’s great musical revolutionary Ali Primera. He has travelled and performed widely in Latin America and Europe and is also a highly skilled luthier.
Rompiendo Fronteras
‘Rompiendo Fronteras’ / ‘Breaking Boundaries’ is a trio which performs original vocal arrangements of songs of protest and resistance from Latin America. We interpret music ranging from the great Chilean songwriter and champion of the poor, Victor Jara, to Cuban revolutionary classics and pentatonic Andean songs celebrating Mother Earth.
Silvia Balducci
Italian-born songstress, vibrant guitarist and an emotional peformer. She is an artist and an activist singing about life, struggle, change & love with a true global feel. A specialist of the new chilean song she injects a fresh and original touch to Victor Jara & Violeta Parra amongst others. She is also a composer and a producer in her own right and has appeared @ El Sueno Festival in Wales since its beginning in 2005.

Film: 'Compañero'

Uses archive material and an interview with Victor Jara's widow, former dancer Joan Turner. Charts his life from his peasant origins, through his career as a theatre director and his success as a folk-singer. As a strong supporter of Allende's Popular Unity government he was imprisoned, tortured and killed by the military junta, who seized power in Chile in September 1973.

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