Miss Megoo & The Yahman all-stars feat Diego Laverde on Harp

Well known japanese sax player Miss Megoo released her solo album Miss Megoo & The Yahman all-stars   featuring Rico Rodriguez and greatest artist's collaboration part of this project as Colombian harpist Diego Laverde. Miss Megoo added"we performed together. I was so excited to meet Diego because I had always dreamt of the harp in my compositions". You can now buy her new collectionable vinyl HERE.

Megumi started playing saxophone aged 9 in school marching brass band. On her 20th birthday she boarded a plane to London after having seen the Trojans on tour in Japan. She never came back to Japan and became an important figure on the Jamaican music scene with he disticintive look and flamboyant live performances.
Megumi is an original member of Ska Cubano, Top Cats, The trojans and has also collaborated with most ska and reggae / roots legends from Prince Buster to Rico Rodriguez, Derrick Morgan, Dennis Alcapone and many others. Some of them recorded for her first release, mixing japanese and jamaican influences: "Miss Megoo and the Yahman All Stars".
Available only from and selected music shops in the UK and Japan.
There will be no digital distribution, only vinyl!
Official release date: 10 novemver 2011.
Listen to the music on Myspace:

 Megumi Mesaku “Miss Megoo”  - (Lead Vocals / Alto Sax / Recorder / MC)

  Miss Megoo & The Yahman All Stars

Rico Rodriguez - (Vocasl)
Derrick Morgan - (Backing Vocasl / MC)
Dennis Alcapone - (MC)
George Dekker - (Backing Vocals)
David Serame - (Backing Vocals / MC)
Ruby Serame - (Backing Vocals)
Nomhle Mavata - (Backing Vocals)
Vuyelwa Njongwe- (Backing Vocals)
Eddie “TanTan” Thornton - (Trumpet)
Ray Carless - (Tenor Sax)
Brian Edwards - (Tenor Sax)
Trevor Edwards - (Trombone)
Nicoraj Torp Larsen - (Hammond Organ/Piano)
Tim Herniman - (Violin)
Diego Laverde Rojas - (Colombian Harp)
Maurice Brown - (Guitar)
Eustace Williams - (W.Bass)
Tony Uter - (Djembe)
Reuben White “Dr Sleepy” - (Drums/Djembe)
Natty Bo - (Harmonica)
Pat Sterling - (Lady Yahman)

By Miss Megoo
Since moving from Japan to London, I have been working with "Topcats", "The Trojans", "Ska Cubano" and various other bands. I have travelled world wide playing at many festival and clubs. During this period I started to compose music. I realised that I knew so many great musicians and artists in London that I decided it would be great to collaborate with them on my project.
My business consultant Bibiana Crocitta asked me to perform at her seminar, she then introduced me to Colombian harpist Diego Laverde and we performed together. I was so excited to meet Diego because I had always dreamt of the harp in my compositions.

I was also introduced to another great performer through Gaz Mayall of "The Trojans", the legendary trombonist Rico Rodriguez. I asked "Rico...what’s your favourite tune to sing?" and he replied "Wonderful world".
Rico and "The Trojans" toured in Japan with "The Skatalites" in October 2008. It was Club Ska’s 20th anniversary party. I had a great time in my country with my friends and family.
Rico told me that I have a good vibe and feel and he would like to play music with me and I felt the same way about him.
I asked Rico if he would like to be involved with my project. He said "Yahman!"
After returning from the Japan tour. I started recording at the "Fish Factory Studio" owned by Antonio Feola. It is a fantastic analogue studio and I was happy that he shared my passion for keeping analogue recording alive.
I asked Dennis Alcapone to do the introduction for "What a wonderful world". He said "Yahman!". Dennis is a gentlemen and has a great musical sense.

Next, I asked Derrick Morgan and George Dekker to do backing vocals. George has a beautiful voice and great knowledge of Jamaican music.
"King of Ska"- Derrick Morgan is such an inspiration to me with his great passion for music and life.
George and Derrick have been a great vocal team for many decades and I feel so honoured to have them on my production.

Nicoraj Torp Larsen who plays with "The Specials" told me that he had always wanted to play with Rico, so I asked him if he would like to join the session, he said "Of course I would like to" "Yahman!"
I asked my favourite horn players Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton - who brings the Jamaican sunshine with him wherever he goes and Ray Carless, The Edwards brothers - Brian and Trevor to come and play with me. It is always fun to work with these great horn players.

I then added Eustace Williams, Maurice Brown and Dr Sleepy who gave me a super groove and Tim Herniman's violin sound gave "What a wonderful world" the fairytale ending that I had hoped for.
I really wanted send out a message of love for my production of "What a wonderful world" so, I asked a beautiful musician couple from South Africa, Ruby and David Sarame to perform the chorus.
 Rico Rodriguez & Megumi Mesaku (Miss Megoo)

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