Latinos @ London Remixed Festival : 26th November, London

On 26th November, 2011 Continental Drifts Music / MAgpies Nest/ KAzum/ Movimientos / Wormfood , the people behind legendary music festivalsand club nights including Global Local, Club Dada, Hootananny, PAssing Clouds , Polka Tent , Valley of the Antic and Electro Swing launches a brand new music festival called The London Remixed Festival. Join us on this great Festival to support our local bands!

Rich Mix London
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London, United Kingdom 

The London Remixed Festival launch event held on 26th November 2011 at Rich Mix will showcase a killer line up the very best acts from Global Local, hot from the dusty, muddy fields of 2011’s coolest festivals and club nights.
This all day and night extravaganza of exciting live festival bands will be remixing global London.

The festival will have highlight performances from:

JuJu – Justin Adams and Juldeh Chimera
Driven by Justin Adams’ rocking guitar and Juldeh Camara's fiery bittersweet ritti (one-string West African fiddle) playing, music that draws on rock ‘n’ roll, dub, avant-garde jazz and African dread in equal measure.

Los Chinches – Cumbia
Playing a version of Pschedelic Cumbia that really rocks from 1960`s Peru, 5 star reviewed and jumping.

Aj Holmes and The Hackney Empire African Remix - 'the new electric hi-life' – Holmes's unique blend of African music, poly-rhythms and electronic pop.

Polina Skovoroda & Fanfara Storming 11 piece Balkan/ Yiddish Brass Special –

Mavrika Ancient Greek Rembetika Remix – The first London/ Greek band to tackle the 1930`s revolutionary music Rembetika, a music that was banned by Greeces past Governments and was fostered inside jails.

21st Century Folk remix Freshly signed to Real World Records

Sheelanagig - Jumping Gypsy and Hoedown band

Romani Rad - 17 amazing Roma Gypsy Dancers

Last Mango In Paris - A bizarre remix of Asian and Global Sounds with poetry and beats

Franky and The Jacks - brave folk reworker

Scarlet and Wilderness -

Loose Moose String Band - Jumping hoedown Appalachian retake.

Stompin Dave - Solo guitar hero from Devon

Perhaps Contraption - This years favourite walkabout Brass spectacular and cross between Tiger Lillys and the Destroyers .

DJS - Tofu - Buirski - Cal Jader - Bobby Gandalf and many more
More to be announced

But it’s not just about the music. The London Remixed Festival will also have an indoor camping area, disco lifts, musical portaloos, walkabout artists, workshops and an amazing winter fair.

Go straight through rich mix, or
or just try give them a call for your tickets to this major event

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