Ricky Vallen : 16th May

Born in 1978 in the city of Volta Redonda, little Ricky has practiced his first steps in career presenting himself, as early as 9 years old, in nightclubs, bars and restaurants in your city.  Also passionate about the performing arts, then embarked in the theater, having acted in several shows, which provided an important foundation for what would be their future work. Ricky Vallen will be next 16th May in London at Guanabara, London.
Later on Rede Globo, age 13, participated in the contest freshmen junior program mallandro SHOW, presented by Sergio Malandro went out winner.
The same happened in 2004 when in RECORD NETWORK, Ricky spectacularly won the freshmen contest program Raul Gil, then getting visibility and national recognition.

On account of this in 2006, at Bandeirantes, Ricky returned to participate in the program Raul Gil as special guests for over 02 years. During this period, by SONY MUSIC / BMG released their first CD "TRIBUTE" a reworking of the great successes of the MPB, which put him in contention for the 1st place in the ranking of CDs MOST SOLD IN THE COUNTRY, with names like Zeze di Camargo and Luciano, Roberto Carlos, Padre Marcelo Rossi e Ivete Sangalo.

Two months of release, DISC OF GOLD!

To complement its strong climb to stardom, was nominated for a GRAMMY LATINO 2007 and was the only Brazilian to appear on one of four main categories: REVELATION.

That same year, two presentations at the legendary playhouse CANECÃO PETROBRAS, fully packed, in Rio de Janeiro consecrate definitely Ricky Vallen as an interpreter of unique style and incomparable, due to his rare vocal ability, courage and attitude.

His eclectic repertoire together with extraordinary harmony, simple songs and classics of Brazilian popular music and jazz, Dolores Duran, Lupicinio ', Cartola, Nat King Cole, Edith Piaff, among others, always trying to bring emotion to the master plan, as it is Ricky Vallen: Fire and Water, Pure Passion!

The year 2009 was of great achievement, sponsored by Zeze di Camargo and Luciano, the fans declared their talent signed to SONY MUSIC, and released his second CD and first live recording in video, taped in April at Vivo Rio , Rio de Janeiro, and in just one month surpassed 20,000 copies sold.

The CD and DVD "Ricky Vallen LIVE", had its national launch in the program and Hebe Camargo's Show People, presented the Netinho in SBT.

LIFE, WHERE IS IT WAS STOP, his first composition, Saback partnership with Simone, speaks of love, which is the subject most of his career, the work has nine new songs and other cover versions printed in the style Ricky Vallen.

The song "smoked glass" on the soundtrack of the soap opera on Rede Globo, BUSINESS IN CHINA, Miguel Falabella opened the doors to stay in 1st place in Rio de Janeiro and on radio stations throughout Brazil.
ANOTHER SUCCESS, after several months in the first place in Rio de Janeiro, from June/2009, and remained until today, the song "LOVE TO BE" was also included on the soundtrack to LIVE THE LIFE, Manoel Carlos, theme character "Betina" Leticia Spiller.

Starting the year 2010 with right foot, the interpreter is presented for the 1st time in TURN OF THE SHOW, directed by Aloisio Legey, invited by him, also on Globo.

I know there! His first solo composition, is the soundtrack for the novel Ti Ti Ti, director Jorge Fernando fell in love as soon as he heard music, and includes the theme of Global protagonist of the story.

More than 3,000,000 hits on youtube, a moment that more special, is the song "PROBE ME, ME-USA," which lends the power of her voice as an instrument in a prayer, and brings us very close of heaven.
Ricky Vallen has today the largest of estates, the dream of every artist, "PUBLIC".
Ricky loves music! The music of wind, birds, dreams and life!

Ricky loves music! And certainly not exist without IT!

Ricky Vallen : 16th May
Venue: Guanabara

Parker Street, corner with Drury Lane, WC2B 5PW
London, United Kingdom
Tickets outlets:

Tickets: Go Transfer - Canecao - Amazon Juice Bar


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