An amazing show last Saturday 27 October/2012 by George Peguero at the Jazz Cafe in Camden Town know as one of the most recognized venues where also played grammy winners as Alex Cuba or Susana Baca and this time one of our local artists playing original salsa songs part of his new album Let's make it salsa!.
REVIEW | A great experience to see George peguero live last Saturday at Jazz Cafe. George is a cuban very well known musician based in London , this gig played with a full band was a real deal to believe that still big salsa bands here in London continue giving the sound that a salsa band needs. The whole playlist part of his new album made the salsa feeling back to our hearts. Is have been a pleasure to see him playing his own songs accompanied by some of the best musicians based in London plus the great show by Damarys dancing next to George creating a beautiful atmosphere and the feeling back that some local artists continue working hard in their own projects and getting their dreams coming true.
George peguero certainly one of the most prominent artists with a future ahead and off course his style and fresh music make the dance floor burn in salsa fire! Congratulations to George and his team to put through this amazing concert with such a good energy and cool venue.

My hit of the night was the song America , an original song with great lyrics which remind everyone from latin america living overseas where we come from and our roots and heritage is untouchable.
Big up to George Peguero and watch this space for a new concert and off course a new album coming soon!

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We have an special CD gift to one of our followers after the amazing show last 27 October at the Jazz Cafe by George Peguero with a full house this great artist release his new album Let's make it Salsa. Just send us an email answering the next question....

What's the name of the song composed by Bill Withers and made Salsa version by George Peguero in his new album?

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