CONCERT | APU : 7 OCT. @HootanannyBrix #FREE ENTRY London

We are proud to present one of the top Latin American bands around the European music scene based in the UK, They are APU (Chano, Coco & Eddy de la Vega & Kaliran) come from the Inca capital of Cusco, in the 'Sacred Valley' of the Andes, they are the first peruvian band based in the UK and will appear this weekend in London for special performances! Don't mis this Inca-redible band!

95 Effra Road  Brixton, Greater London SW2 1DF

Apu have developed a powerful and exciting mix of traditional and modern compositions, combining breathtaking pipe and flute skills with searing Latin American samba/salsa/cumbia rhythms

In June 2005, at a formal ceremony at the Peruvian Embassy in London, APU received a Diploma from the Peruvian Ambassador to the UK in recognition of their services over the last 18 years exporting the best of Peruvian culture to the UK and Ireland through their music and educational workshops.

The three Puente de la Vega brothers formed 'APU' in 1983, touring Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, before relocating to the UK in 1988, following a tour with 'Incantation'. They have been joined by virtuoso contemporaries from Cusco's College of Music who have all played their traditional 'Music of the Sacred Valley' since childhood.

‘The power of the sound produced held row after row spellbound. The energy and enthusiasm of these musicians was intense. Numbers accelerated until they exploded with appreciative applause’. Edinburgh Festival Times.

Performances include: The Royal Festival Hall, National and Barbican theatres, London, Queens Hall, Edinburgh, Spor Stadium, Istanbul, Stadium of Light, Sunderland. The Festival of the Sun God (Inti Raymi), Machupiccu, Glastonbury and WOW festivals. A concert series of Andean & Northumbrian Folksongs with the Northern Sinfonia and initiatives for the Arts Council of Great Britain and European Cities of Culture in Edinburgh, Dublin, Seville, Glasgow and The Tall Ships Races. They have also performed by Royal invitation at Windsor Castle.

Feature films include ‘APU - Dancing with the Inca’ - ‘The Cross Culture Series' and ‘Women in Tropical Places' - Channel 4.

UK TV appearances: ITV's 'Michael Barrymore Show', 'Television Awards', 'The Clive James Show' & 'Freddy Starr Show'; BBC's 'What's That Noise' & 'Pebble Mill'; SKY TV's 'The Gypsy Kings of the Andes'; Carlton’s ‘New Year Special.’ BBC radio features: 'The Music Machine' & ‘The History of Latin American Music’ – Radio 2, 'Chris Searle's Pick of the Week' - Radio 4 and 'Ruscoe on 5'.

In April 2007 APU return to the UK to commence their first new album promotion tour in seven years. The album ‘Sumak Warmicha’ (Beautiful Girl), marks a new departure from their instrumentals to more lyrical numbers, refreshing the traditional music with an abundance of vibrant feeling, a high-spirited dance sensibility and a liberal dash of Latin bump and grind

‘This music combines Latin American, samba/salsa rhythms delivered in their own inimitable fashion with a warm and humorous style producing an inspiring and hauntingly beautiful experience’…’Dirty Dancing with pan-pipes’.

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