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Reverso is an inspiring 7-piece band formed by 3 brothers from Ecuador and 4 musicians from UK and NZ. Their debut album, En El Inicio (2009), presents a magnificent blend of Latin American rhythms and laid back rock&roll. Their latest album, Radio Comfort (2012) evidences the evolution of their live sound into their groundbreaking ska mestizo, discharging the exact vibes to lift any audience!

'Radio Comfort' is the awaited and acclaimed result of the evolution and establishment of ska mestizo: the live sound of Reverso. This album steps up from their previous work and encapsulates the fresh and strong identity of the 7-piece band which dominates London's latin-ska scene. 'Radio Comfort' offers 11 new songs that are a fusion of ska and reggae with a wide palet of latin rhythms: merengue, salsa, tango, ballad, cumbia, and even balkan sounds. The lyrics cover a variety of topics with a hint of irony, humour, romance and hope. 'Radio Comfort' is exactly that: Comfort in Music!
released 07 January 2012
Abner Pérez: Main vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, BVs.
Daniel Pérez: drums, programming, BVs.
Jonnathan Pérez: Bass, BVs.
Joe Morris: Trumpet.
Ian Bumstead: Saxophone.
Jeremy Shaverin: Percussions on track 1,2,6,10.
Giles Bennett: Electric Guitar on track 1,2,6,10.
Brendan Christie: Electric Guitar on track 3-5,7-9,11.

Lyrics and Music: Abner Pérez, except track 6: Abner Pérez and Daniel Pérez; and track 11: Abner Pérez and Jonnathan Pérez.
Recording Engineering: Juan Luis Ayala @ Mind Motion Stuidos, London, UK
Assistant Engineering: Daniel Pérez: track 1,2,6,10. and Øyvind Aamli: track 3-5, 7-9,11.
Mixed and Mastered: Daniel Pérez, except track 1: Daniel Pérez and Giles Bennett.

Additional recording @ The Perez Attic and Brendan's room, London, UK.

Art Cover design: Luisa Fernanda Pulido.

℗ 2012 Reverso © 2011 Reverso . The copyright in this recording is owned by Abner Pérez and Daniel Pérez. All rights reserved.

Released January 7th, 2012.

Thanks and love to: our families, friends, fans and all the audiences that keep shaping our sound.

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