Mano de Dios : 16th December, London

Mano de Dios will perform an special Pre-Christmas gig at Trisha's, 57 Greek street, Soho (opposite the Pillars of Hercules) on 16th December, London.  Join this amazing band and bring your friends to enjoy together with Mano de Dios style. Also in the meantime check their new video release of Why do we do it? an alternative version of the first single from the forthcoming album 'Sleep Through The Morning Light' by Mano de Dios out 23rd January 2012.

Recorded on location in London and Somerset. Directed by Venetia Dearden with thanks to Alice Temperley for the use of her 1959 Ford Thunderbird. Editing by Cut & Run.Support Mano de Dios one of the most famous acts from London and releasing this year their new single Why do we do it? available now.

Mano de Dios
Jackson Scott has played guitar since he could stand upright. His passion for flamenco and gypsy music was inspired by his upbringing near Seville and travels through India. In 2007 he met Cuban bass player Jimmy Martinez and Roberto Ares, who had recently returned from studying percussion in Brazil. Together they formed 'Mano de Dios' - a pun on Maradona's famous excuse – joined later by Sky Murphy, playing guitar and trombone. The result is a rugged blend of flamenco, punk, blues, rumba and samba. 
They have been described as 'The Spanish Pogues' and the 'Indie Gypsy Kings'. In 2008, Mano recorded their first EP with Queen producer, Josh Macrae. Picked up later, by legendary producer Youth, their new recordings see them moving in a more 'gypsy punk' direction. Eclectic by nature, Mano have played everywhere from The Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury to the Guggenheim museum. They have supported Roxy Music, The Peth, Shaggy and The Clash's Mick Jones.

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