Gerardo Osal & Silvia Balducci + Friends : 29th November, London
Gerardo Osal is a Venezuelan troubadour who has played all over the country and Latin America. He has been invited to perform at El Sueno Festival in Wales three times since it first opened in 2005 and has forged a strong friendship with musicians in the UK and Europe touring Spain, Italy and UK.
This friendship and musical solidarity shares the dream of a new Latin American alternative. Gerardo is accompanied by his friend the Italian singer-songwriter and producer Silvia Balducci with whom he performed in Rome in 2005 at the Simon Bolivar's 200th anniversary of The Monte Sacro's Oath. Doors open 7.00pm

Bolívar Hall 54,
Grafton Way London
United Kingdom

Free Entry with
suggested donations of £5
Silvia Balducci Italian singer, Latin American specialist and producer, has worked for most of her musical career with Latin American artists most notably in her tribute album to Victor Jara "Homenaje a Una Sonrisa". Balducci also performed for president Hugo Chavez during his visit in London in May 2006.

Gerardo and Silvia will present their first collaborative CD titled "Gerardo y Silvia: companeros de suenos" " produced by Silvia Balducci in collaboration with Chilean producer Paul Bessone-Barros featuring songs from all over Venezuela and Latin America to celebrate the Bolivarian dream and the ties between Venezuela and Europe. It is also a salute to Gerardo before returning to Venezuela in early December.

Other guest artists and friends include: John Cuevas "Pampachango"
John Cuevas is a Chilean poet and songwriter from Antofagasta Chile. He is known as a 'popular artist' or 'trovador' but defines himself as an alternative artist. He sings, plays the guitar and charango and composes his own songs. John has performed several times at the Victor Jara Festival in Wales, Bolivar Hall, and New Voices Festival. In March 2010 John launched his first CD titled 'Son Tiempos Nuevos'. 
JUAN CALLE Peruvian poet who has been living in UK since 1988.
Member of Latin Poets UK. Juan will perform the poems: 'America' (Poem to be read) 'El Oso' (Song) & 'Bosques de mi alma'. 'Rompiendo Fronteras'/'Breaking Boundaries' is a quartet which performs original compositions and vocal arrangements of songs of protest and resistance from Latin America.

Their songs speak of a world in which each person's culture can flourish. PATRICIA PONS (Chile) - vocals. LUZDIANA GOMEZ (Colombia) - vocals and percussion. MILTON FLORES (Bolivia) - vocals, guitar, musical arrangements and compositions. PETER GODFREY (England) - vocals and guitar. 7.30pm

Tony Corden and Gerardo Osal

Long time aficionado of the music of Victor Jara and co-founder of 'El sueno existe' Festival in Wales where he is also based with his band Cloud Cuckoo playing a mix of South American revolutionary music and whimsical folk.
"Masque" is Russell Roberts and Chrissy Quayleaduo playing a mix of Celtic and Latin music with instruments including percussion, guitar, flute, Irish whistle and Chinese wulusi. They have released two albums with a third in the making.

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