Richard Bona & Raul Midón - The Duwala Malambo Project : 2 - 3 August, London

“Two of Music’s Most Inventive Talents Team Up for a Collaboration That Acknowledges No Creative, Spiritual or Musical Boundaries”  Richard Bona and Raul Midón are two of modern music’s most unique artists. Both possess a strong musical persona that’s instantly recognizable from the first note of any performance. They will be this 3rd August at Jazz Cafe a famous venue in Camden, London.

Venue: Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway, Camden Town, London

Midón is known for his unique, high-energy acoustic guitar technique, sonorous voice and intelligent songwriting.  Bona is known for his amazing electric bass work, but he’s also a talented vocalist, songwriter, arranger and bandleader.  “Raul is a kindred soul,” Bona says. “When we played as a duo in Stockholm, we were looking good. We did some of his songs and some of my songs. We both have wide ranging, but different, musical interests. He can sing in Spanish and I can sing in French and Douala, so there is endless potential to reach out to different audiences.
“Raul plays from his heart and likes to work hard. My heart is always in the music. I don’t care if I break my foot or have a cold, as long as I’m playing, I’m OK. We both focus on the music, which will keep everything in balance.”
 “This tour will be intense,” Midón says. “We’re rehearsing a bunch of tunes, Richard’s and mine, and the shows are going to be ambitious, not just jamming on a couple of tunes until the show is over. The combination of his African identity and my background in Latin, soul and jazz gives us a lot of possibilities. 

That’s why we chose Duwala Malambo for the project name. Douala is Richard’s tribe and native tongue and Malambo is a folkloric rhythm and dance from Argentina, my dad’s birthplace. We’re hoping to write some songs when we get together for the tour. If we find the right elements, a long time collaboration and an album aren’t out of the question.”

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