Carlos Paul presents "La Descarga"

Carlos Paul, a london based artist released this 2011 his new single "La Descarga" (The download) a rock song with spicy lyrics comparing relationships these days with internet meanings and keep it the fire of love via your computer. La Descarga is a hit for sure, with the vibes of latin rock ,interesting lyrics ,and the special  hook that keep this song in your mind when you think about love+internet.

Also another Demo song called "No me siento bien" (I don't feel good) , a very personal touch accompanied by his acoustic guitar and nice lyrics.  As usual Carlos is bringing always a positive message telling stories that happen in daily life to any of us and how we can also get over difficulties.
This song remind me "Otra cancion de amor" By Vilma Palma e vampiros with the sound of the 90's  rock in spanish boom in Latin america. Now listening Carlos Paul voice back in the records reflect that he as a singer and composer skills continues giving good vibes and good songs including the mix of feelings in the best way he can make it... with his music. Looking forward to listen soon his new album.

Now you can buy the single on iTunes.

Carlos Paúl was born in 1981 in Ecuador. He learnt to play guitar on his own at the age of 15 and started writing music and lyrics straight away. He is the most successful Latin artist living in the UK so far. His first album "Háblame" (Talk To Me) sold out without an official release and won an award for Best Latin Album on the GSD Media and Latin American Music Awards. He also won the award for Revelation Artist. He is currently recording his new album "Mueve Tu Ritmo" (Move Your Rythm) This will be his de international album coming early 2011.

Carlos has a well established reputation in London for his Latin Rock music and for setting a place on fire with his band! 

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