Bostich + Fussible - I count the ways - Natema & Cal Jader Rmx


Now you can listen a special remix welcoming Bostich + Fussible to London this 24-26 June@ Roundhouse,London. "I count the ways" is the song remixed by our top london dj's from Natema & Dj Cal Jader developing their skills with some of the best tunes of Nortec Collective.

Now you can buy tickets to see Lucha Future + Special guest Bostich + Fussible (Nortect Collective) @| Roundhouse: 24-26 June, London

The Nortec Collective is composed of four artists: Fussible (Pepe Mogt), Bostich (Ramon Amezcua), Clorofila (Jorge Verdín) and Hiperboreal (Pedro Gabriel Beas).

These producers create and perform a style of music called Nortec - a fusion of norteño ("from the North") and techno, documenting the collision between the style and culture of electronica and traditional Mexican music.

N A T E M A is a brazilian house project, it's made up of Tetto Bononi, Luis Valente and Pedro Campolina, described as a warm and original fusion of House with world music flavors.  They create club music containing elements of Brazilian melodies and world beats, combining live instruments like berimbau, keyboards, accordion, flute, guitar, percussion, vocals, samplers, effects and synths and DJs.  
Based in London U.K they have been playing in many clubs, Festivals and venues across UK and Europe. 

Cal Jader
On a Latin tip as part of London’s Movimientos collective Cal Jader is at the forefront of the alternative underground scene in the UK. DJ wise he plays the freshest Latin beats combining classic rhythms with contemporary cutting edge dance floor and urban beats. From Cumbia, Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop to Salsa, Merengue and Reggaeton and Funky Latin and global beats. And as part of the Heads High crew spinning an eclectic selection of Afro, Hip Hop, Reggae and electronic beats alongside Duke Etienne and DJ Judge.

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