Cais Maloka : Live music + BBQ . Fundraising - 21st May

Come and enjoy a day full of Music, Dance, Food & Culture with a purpose. 1pm to 7pm with live performances by Radio Revolucion, Zona Protesta,Ceejay Rowe & Clinton Rowe, Arkhenatan Dc plus poetry, music, art and much more.

Location:467 Brixton Road, SW9 8HH
Time: Saturday, 21May 2011 13:00
Ceejay Rowe & Clinton Rowe (singers)
Shae Kay (spoken word poet)
Arkhenatan Dc (conscious hip-hop)
more TBC...
Slide shows, Barbecue (come with empty bellies and eat our lovely food), Face painting,T.shirts, Raffles...

Live music with Radio Revolucion &  Zona Protesta
Radio Revolucion

Zona Protesta

Entrance £10 with food, £5 no food & Children Free
(all under age must leave premises by 10pm)
Entrance to fundraiser also gets you into Guaguanco free of charge. 

"Cais Maloka (Centro de Accion e Investigacion Social Maloka) is part of the ISBO (International School for Bottom Up Organizing) family, we believe in the creation of a new world lead by the most oppressed with the darkest skin, especially woman. Cais Maloka has been working with a mountain community in Colombia for the past 4 years; this work has lead to the creation of the Local Action Committee, which is in charge of serving the community in an egalitarian way. Collectively we run our aqueduct; make sure everyone has clean water in their houses and maintain the forest area where our water springs. 

We also repair and maintain the community centre, roads, communal paths and collective spaces like the football pitch and local school. We are currently working towards creating our own health centre. All of this is done with no support from local government. Our community are finding ways to take care of each other and becoming self-sufficient by raising our own funds through bingos, football tournaments and festivals. Although we are a farming community we are learning to farm collectively.

Our summer project is about becoming completely self sufficient communities, learning how to generate our own electricity, fuel, gas from organic waste, weaving clothes, extracting cooking oil
and all that is needed to live a dignified life. This is why Javier (one of our full time volunteers) will be traveling to London to fund raise for our summer project where we will be learning these skills by constructing windmills, solar panels, digging wells in at least three of our communities in Colombia and Jamaica.
So if you know how to make bio fuels, make windmills or any other forms of energy production, then come have fun while you contribute to a just cause, if you have other skills come along and let us know, any form of support is welcome!."


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