Ojalá Muchá : 20th April


From Spain ,Ojala Mucha will be in London at the Dublin Castle this 20th April also playing along with The Ascent Of Everest + Starken + Jesus was Homeless. An evening of neo Pere Ubu pop leftism, esteemed Spanish rock and delicately begrunged guitar pop.

Venue: Dublin Castle
94 Parkway, NW1 7AN
Doors 7.45
£6/£4.50 on the door

Ojala Mucha is a band from La Palma (Canary Islands) who have been playing together for more than 15 years. They have recently released their fifth album, Ángeles con alas rotas (Angels with broken wings), bringing them to a mature moment in their career by placing them among the most popular bands in the Canary Islands.

Ojala Mucha has always been a group who “drink from several fountains”, drawing their influenes from a diverse range of styles making their music difficult to class or tag. While their music varies from symphonic rock to the uptempo pop-rock each one of their live performances always expresses their passion for music in the same way. 

Now, they introduce Ángeles con alas rotas, their 5th LP. This album produced by César Pérez includes15 tracks covering territory the band has been passionate about througout their career: love, hopelessness, energy and social criticism. Recorded between the band´s studio in La Palma Island and the studios Lunático 22 in Gran Canaria, the album shows the contrasts of these diverse lands.

Ojala Mucha shows all the strength and the drama which allows them to dominate any stage. From an explosion of electric guitars and hard arrangements to acoustic and intimate moments, where the proximity of their lyrics and melodic lines bring them closer to their audience, who are devoted of the magic of the songs.
Over the years a marriage has formed between Ojalá Muchá and their audience in spectacular live performances. Not to mention the dedication to perfection in their albums, where the show their colder and more self-restrainedside.
The band was born in La Palma Island in 1995. Three years later they produced their first album: Sentado cómodamente. 

In 2000 Ojala Mucha released their second studio´s album, which placed them at the top of the Canarian musical scene. Starting shows in all the big festivals of the islands such a Womad, Atlantida, Campus Rock…
Five years later they released 102 maneras de soñar, with their third album came the confirmation that this is one of the most important bands of Canarian music. An Album where the lyrics show a maturity that also is appreciated in the production and arrangement of the album.

In 2008, the band launched Cara A, a fourth album virtually recorded entirely live, in their own studio and under their own label. A fresh work in search of a comparable sound, which is, in their audience´s words, their best album to date.

In 2010, and with the maturity and experience of their fifteen years career, they launched Ángeles con alas rotas, and are currently on an open tour to support the album’s release.


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