De Fuego : Live acoustic Session + Interview

Davide Lufrano Chaves and Edina Balczo " De Fuego" will be on Latinos in London Radio Show tonight  wednesday 13th April at 7pm live on broadcasting from Brixton, London via Aculco Radio. Podcast available now.
  Photos by Andras Paul

De Fuego is a sensational guitar duo playing fast instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music. Davide Lufrano Chaves is a professional guitarist with a masters in music and main guitarist of the popular London-based band Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos. Edina Balczo is a self taught guitarist who has become extremly popular on youtube with her videos being watched more than 4 million times, earning her an endorsement by Guitarpro, the tablature editor software. Davide and Edina have played together since the beginning of 2010 and performed in some great venues, including Ronnie Scotts and Small World Festival.

 Photos by Andras Paul

Davide Lufrano Chaves was born April 4, 1983 in Prato (Italy). Latin American origins, he graduated in classical guitar at the Conservatory in 2009 'G. Puccini' of La Spezia as private schools under the guidance of maestro Carlo Mascilli Migliorini. He has got degrees in Theory and Solfeggio, History of Music, General Music Culture and Complentary harmony, Diploma Low, Medium and Higher in classical guitar. Begins to study music at 8 years old with classical piano, choir and then guitar at the higher music school G. Verdi Prato. Main bands are De Fuego guitar duo, with Edina Balczo; Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos (nu power ethno music) which recently they won the competition Evo Music Rooms for Channel 4; collaborations with singers and musicians Kornelia Bieniek and Cristal Cream, Nikki Felle, Waliyah and more. 

Edina Balczó is an UK based guitarist, performer, educator who is originally Hungarian and lived there most of her life, but since 2008 she lives in East London.

She was selftaught guitarist for many years since she was not accepted to the music school and failed in every auditions in her life. Although she had some private lessons from two masters for longer period: Andras Varga (flamenco) and Adrien Miller (jazz).

In spite of all these facts for some reason she became extremly popular on youtube. Her channel got honours several times (most subscribed, most viewed). She has 7000 views and receives around 50 e-mails from there every day. From 2009 January she became a Youtube partner. Because of the popularity achieved there she got an endorsement from GuitarPro, the tablature editor program and she is among their international artists.


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