APU : The 1st. Peruvian Band arrived in the UK

APU live @ Intiraymi Concert Tribute To Cusco 2010 * London

APU Originally from the ancient inca capital of Cusco in the 'sacred valley' of the Andes, Peru.
These masters of beautiful traditional music moved to northeast England in 1990 and have been a familiar sight and sound around the UK ever since.

An Inca-redible band!
Their music may come from a far off continent, but the Peruvian band Apu are a Geordie institution.
APU (Peru) Based in the UK
Band Members Eddy Puente de la vega, Coco Puente de la vega, Chano Puente de la vega, Kaliran Zuniga

Their music may come from a far off continent, but the Peruvian band Apu are a Geordie institution. For the last 20 years, the Peruvian brothers have made Newcastle their home. And youll regularly hear the haunting sounds of their panpipe, flute and charango guitar playing when youre out shopping near the Monument or on Northumberland Street.

The brothers originally set up the band in 1983 in their hometown of Cusco, the ancient Inca capital of Peru thats high up in the Andes. The name Apu is actually Quechua Indian for sacred mountain. Apu toured all over Peru, Bolivia and Argentina until Eddy came to Newcastle to tour with the band Incantation. But he missed playing the traditional music of his homeland and asked his two brothers to join him in Newcastle. They've never looked back.

We chose to live in Newcastle because we had already been here as part of the Newcastle Free Festival. My brother had seen how much the people here liked traditional Peruvian music and thought we could really be a success here, Coco said. I may be Peruvian and I may travel all over the world, but Newcastle is my home, he added. As well as playing locally and fitting in European tours, Apu also run school workshops about the history of Peru and its music. One of the brothers, Coco Vega, is also a popular local DJ and runs Salsa classes at both the Cooperage on the Quayside and in Tynemouth. In the last few years especially, Newcastle people have become really interested in the music, dance and culture of people living in other parts of the world. People here are having a lot of fun trying new foods, listening to different music and learning new dances, Coco said. you can email the guys at

About Intiraymi Concert Tribute To Cusco
Date: Friday, June 18, 2010
Location: Bolivar Hall at: Graffton Road London


By: its children the most representative musicians and artists from cusco based in the UK.

!Musica y danzas netamente cusquenas por primera vez en Londres!
Opening - Pre-colombian rituals
KILLARAYMI Sofia Buchuck y musicos invitados.
Dante Concha- Amaru III
Paloma Palomino,
Alx Alfaro
(Jose Navarro, Juan Herrera, Jaime Hoyos, Fernando)
GRUPO APU-First Peruvian band in the UK ( coco-chano-edi, kalidan)

Expression Inca- Dance group.

Thanks to Sofia Buchuck , main organizer of this events and peruvian culture in the UK.