MUSIC l George Peguero Band

George has been working as a professional singer since the age of 10, beside his second mother and teacher Nancy Lidia Gomez and Celso Marquez. At this time, George was a member of a musicians' organisation called 'nueva trova' or 'new troubadour'.

The troubadour is an important figure in Cuba's musical history and denotes a travelling musician who moves people with the poetry of his song, traditionally in the form of 'son' or 'bolero'. As a 'nueva trova', George had the opportunity to sing with some famous names in Cuban music such as Grupo Mezcla, Donato Poveda, Cuarteto Patria, Septeto Ignacio Piñeiro and Grupo Manguaré. However, when he was 18, George decided to move on and, guitar in hand, he travelled to Havana in search of his fortune. Life in Havana wasn't always easy, but George managed to establish his reputation as a musician and found work playing in the most well-known hotels and restaurants in the city, including El Floridita and the Bodeguita del Medio. 

 During this period he worked with a number of different bands such as Carlos Manuel y su Carapacho and Septeto de Seve Matamoros, and with different trios such as Mexi-Cuba and Voces del Caribe (as first voice). Sometimes he sang alone with his guitar. Eventually George was given a contract to work as singer and composer with the world-famous salsa band Charanga Latina under the direction of Enrique Alvarez. He frequently appeared with the band on national television and featured on their albums. 'Como firma en un papel' and 'Axtracto de lo Natural', which George wrote and recorded with the band, were No 1 hits in Cuba for several months and played non-stop on their most popular radio station 'Radio Taino'. 


With Charanga Latina, George also had the opportunity to play on the same stage as some of Cuban greats such as Manolito y su Trabuco, Charanga Habanera, Paulo F. G. y su banda élite, Grupo Dan Den, Maracas, Rolo Martinez, Laíto and the famous violinist Alfredo de la Fe. George left Charanga Latina in 1998 and moved to London, where he has set up his own Salsa Orchestra. In October 2000 he released his first single 'Esto es amor' which was followed in March 2002 by the album 'A Cuba' , featuring all original songs, and combining Cuban rhythms with elements of hip-hop and rap. George made his first appearance as a solo artist in London as special support to Gilberto Santa Rosa at La Scala, Kings Cross on the 12th November 2000 in front of a crowd of 2500. 
Since then he has had resident spots at several Latin clubs in London, Festivals and sung throughout the UK for celebrities and the Royal Family. In September 2002 George made a promotional visit to Cuba and was awarded - jointly with William Vivanco - the title of Best New Artist of 2002 by the Cuban radio station Radio CMKC. And was considered the most interviewed artist across Cuba on the same year. More recently he had the opportunity to work closely with MOBO Award Winner 2005 Sway producing his song Slow Down. And also sang with the Original English Pop Idol Will Young . 

In October 15 of 2006 he launched his new salsa album 'Bohemio', with a live performance with his 20 piece Salsa Orchestra at Scala, London. With this Album he managed to distribute his music across the world breaking his own sale records in less than 2 months. His music reached BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 3 amongst others popular Radio Stations in the UK, also in Orlando (U.S), California, New York, Colombia and Cuba. His music is now available in HMV,, Itunes, Sterm Music and other popular online stores. With his newly - established salsa band, George aims to promote his music around the world. 

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